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Grow In Your Walk With jesus

How do I increase my faith in Jesus? Best-selling author, life coach, and pastor, Benny Perez has written and produced 6 incredible lessons to help you GROW in your faith walk with Jesus. Come join Benny Perez in his home in Las Vegas this 6-part video series entitled GROW on YouTube

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Discovering the God of More When Life Gives You Less


By Benny Perez (Author),
Jentezen Franklin (Foreword)

More is a message of spiritual addition for people who are in the midst of life's subtractions - unemployment, divorce, illness, emotional, financial, or spiritual upheaval..

Thinking Like Jesus

By Benny and Wendy Perez

What does it mean to have the mind of Jesus? How can you begin to think like Jesus in your daily life as a Christian? Thinking Like Jesus: A Practical Guide to Encountering the Words and Wisdom of Jesus unpacks the life-changing revelation that if it’s not in the Father’s head towards you, it should not be in your head towards yourself.


By Benny Perez

Are you BUILT to last?Recent surveys show that over 3,500 churches close their doors each year in North America. Nearly 5,000 people leave the ministry on a monthly basis and nearly 90% of pastors involved in full-time ministry consider leaving the church for a different career. These statistics are sobering but if we seek fresh empowerment from the Holy Spirit and discover biblical wisdom, we can strategically navigate these modern complexities. By applying these principles, we can see the statistics reversed and the greatest days of the church once again!In BUILT: Seven Principles of Leaders Who Beat the Odds, Escape Average, And Make a Lasting Impact, Benny Perez creates a shift in the way you perceive your role in the church and ministry, and provides practical keys to ensure that your ministry will make a lasting impact.

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